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About Hydro Nautics

Hydro Nautics is an independent consultant company providing third party solutions in various fields in the marine and shipping industry. We work through our partners and associates to provide contemporary solutions which are tailor-made to suit our client’s requirements. Although our services have an array of applications in the marine industry, we would like to highlight a few of them.


Our major focus right now is to develop and run the website www.hydro-nautics.com


In addition to the above we provide the following solutions.

Ø      We are developing training tools like HyLearn which will cater to the needs of the executives in the marine industry.

Ø      Handling of claims and disputes – A low cost practical application

Ø      Commercial Audits – Audits specifically designed to get the physical data useful in analysing the commercial viability of a contract

Ø      3rd party partial ship management

Ø      Green Inspections

Ø      Services as described under the web www.hydro-nautics.com

Ø      Vessel – Terminal safety audits

Ø      Cargo Dircharge Supervision on tankers

        Ø      Vessel advisory services for navigation

Kindly contact us for details of the above services