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Agency Operation Module





Total Accounts management

Following are a few adopted in this module. These features are augmented when they are used in conjunction with other modules
Voyage Expenses Management
Final D/A
Debit Notes
Delivery notes
Credit Note/Debit Note
Ref No / Invoice No / Way bill ref.
Generate purchase request
Manage purchase request (edit/delete/approved)
Generate purchase orders
Implement workflow for purchase orders/request
Manage employee login credentials
Create interface for expenses claims submission
Manage expenses claims
Final D/A
Debit Notes
Balance Sheet
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivables
Reverse Entry
Cash Entry
Double Entry
Multi Currency
Debit / Credit Note
Linking to various modules


Agency Operation Module
Agency appointment
Agency appointment, alert and tracking
Agency confirmation
Sub Agency appointment and alert
Document upload by Agent
Document upload by Sub agent
Document approve / reject / comment by Agent to sub agent
Document approve / reject / comment by Owner to Agent
Auto Proforma from appointment and cycle till the Final DA
PDF manager
Excel CSV Word import export
Float reserve tracking
Summary using different fields and selections
Single data base servers for all users terminals
Track outstanding, pending, rejected, Open DA
Timesheet module
Build interface to submit customer daily position list
Generate Reports based on position list
Main fields - Vessel, Port, Operation, Date, Days outstanding, PIC
Remarks, updated by, last updated approved by
Administrative reports
Port Stay report
Port Documents
Vessels particulars
Data Exchange
Maps Integration
Vessel Position Integration
Final D/A
Search Engine