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Quality And Safety Management Systems




Quality and Compliance

Following are a few adopted in this module. These features are augmented when they are used in conjunction with other modules
Incident management
Internal audit
External audit
Safety meetings
Pre vetting inspections
Safety managements
ISPS documentation
STCW rest hours
Risk assessment
Root cause analysis
Records for Internal Audits
Records for External Audits
Shipboard Audits Record
Link Audits to the Authority
Track Audit
Link CAR to the Audit
Link images, documents, spreadsheets, or drawings to each Audit
System Auto-records when and by whom the Audit was created or completed
Search Function to generate reports according to user needs
Track CAR and close reports
Root cause analysis
Link images, documents, spreadsheets, or drawings to Root Cause Analysis
Track Accidents or Near Misses

Retain records and statements