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HCMS Technical Compatibility Solutions





HCMS Software
HCMS Software developed by Hydro Nautics Pte Ltd has been designed after years of research in the maritime logistics. Ease of use by Shipboard Staff as well as Management Office was kept foremost in the mind while developing the software.
Following are the peculiarities in the Maritime Industry
Marine industry still has a wide technological implementation range. On one hand there are significant number of ships still without PC and on the other side there are ships and installations which have adopted new age system with full fledged high speed broadband.
The implementation requirement also vary from simple task module to complete ship management suite
At times the ship staff are not familiar with the IT systems and find traditional software’s too complicated
Most of the time the workload on ship staff does not allow them to sit in front of the PC for extended hours to complete tasks
Most of the existing marine software were developed in the last decade when the technology did not allow complex algorithms. These software have upgraded but the structural design still remain the same. HCMS has been developed to realise the full potential of the powerful computing tools available today. This makes the software lightweight and agile with simple user operation to achieve the best results.
HCMS software developed by Hydro Nautics Pte Ltd takes into account such peculiarities and thus has received very good feedback from the onboard staff. Following are some of the features of our HCMS Marine and Ship Management Software.
HCMS Ship and Marine Software – Ease of Operation
If the user knows basic MS Word and MS Excel operation, it will take him few minutes to master the HCMS software navigation
The software is designed with screen navigation and user has minimal typing requirements. This ensure quick response
The check box navigation ensures that user can complete large amount of tasks within minutes
Powerful search engine ensures target information gathering and quick customised reports
Single point entry, eliminates duplication
Ease of attaching almost any document also helps in effective document management
The alert and alarms are favourite of the users and assists in achieving regular KPI
In addition to the above the office staffs have following added advantage
Identical functions and layout means the system in office becomes replica of the ship version
The HCMS office software design aids the Managers in analysing large amount of data. The search engine and filters can create analysis and reports which are only restricted by users imagination
Several error checking features ensure a lot of unnecessary work is relegated
Usually ship to shore interface using email is fraught with a lot of loss of data or incorrect data. This problem is very well taken care of by our latest designs
HCMS Ship and Marine Software – The Technical Edge
Modular design of our HCMS software
The modular construction ensures that the software can be implemented as a small targeted design like Planned Maintenance Systems or Spare Tracking System or as a complete suite Like HCMS Ship Management Software involving Planned Maintenance Systems, Voyage Management System, Crew Management System
Even the HCMS Software Module or the Suite comes in basic package or fully loaded advanced version to suit different establishments
The unique technical achievement of HCMS Marine Management Software is the range of compatibility it offers. The following technical specification tell the tale
Compatible with Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
Framework dot net 3.5 and dot net 4.0
Microsoft Server 2005 and Server 2008
MSSQL various versions
Email networking solutions with Outlook / IMAP / POP3
In absence of Email system alternate means of communication
Central Server / Private Server / Dedicated Server / VPS
HCMS Ship Management Software Add Ins
I Phone Applications
Access Card Integration
Map Tracking Systems
Customised Search Engine
Worldwide Automatic Updates
Software Versioning Management
Smart Document Management Systems
3D Apps Development
Flash / Animation Development
E Learning Integration
Virtual Office and Web Integration
The software is virtually free of bugs and has one touch installation function. The software is fully tested and written by highly qualified Engineers. Its user friendly installation procedures ensure that the ship staff can easily replace the software on new PC.
The one touch backup function and export to office virtually ensures that the data will not be lost. This ensures high system continuity.
Last but not the least; HCMS is fully customisable to suit individual customer requirements.
To know more about the software, contact Hydro Nautics Pte Ltd. By sending mail to biz@hydro-nautics.com