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HCMS System - Our Advantage





HCMS our Advantage
Apart from our technical excellence HCMS Software for maritime industry offers a range of commercial benefits. HCMS Software implementation gives both short and long terms gains to the client and makes the software an excellent bargain.
HCMS Credentials
HCMS Software development has been audited and funded for the clients by MPA (Maritime and Port Authority) of Singapore
HCMS Software development has been audited and funded for the clients by SPRINGS Singapore
HCMS Software has been audited and approved for our clients by Class and Oil Majors’
Licensed Software
Hydro Nautics Pte Ltd uses all licensed software for development and provides free resellers license to its clients. We do not use freeware and this ensures proper quality control and security against malicious content
Research and Development
HCMS Software development team has conducted years of research to make the software technically advanced. Our team as partners ensure that the core development team remains a part of the program through the life of the program.
Cost Effectiveness
HCMS Software is up to 40% cheaper than our competitors.  Our annual subscriptions are significantly below the industry standards.
We also provide package which greatly reduces per ship licensing fees.
Software Ownership
This is the most unique feature of HCMS Software wherein we offer software ownership to our clients. Marine software are a costly and life time investment for the companies and ownership allows them to customise and develop the software according to their needs. This also provides huge cost savings in by saving on the annual subscription charges.
Technical Support
We provide 24 hours remote support to solve all technical issues.
For further information please contact us at biz@hydro-nautics.com